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English transcription – We speak English (French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and many more languages)

Transkripto.de is a service agency specializing in the transcription business. We offer english transcription as well as many other languages. All of our account managers have an international background and speak at least English and German. So don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

Would you like to know what your english transcription would cost? Then try out our self-calulating form or go to prices!

What does Transkripto offer?

We are a full service transcription company, meaning we are with you from start to finish. You can start ordering online right away or you can contact us through phone or email and we will answer your questions. If you have a bigger project like your PhD, working on a research project, or only a few interviews for your bachelor, we’ll make sure that the transcripts actually fit your needs. After the initial questions are settled, our team will make sure that your transcripts are returned in the agreed time frame, which is normally less the 5 days. Faster turnaround times are no problem. Should there be any issues with your transcription, which is usually not the case, we will make corrections free of charge. For larger projects, we also offer discounts.

Besides transcription, we also offer translations. Are you expanding your business to Germany? We can translate your website content into German and at the same time keep an eye on SEO. Just contact us for more information.

Our International Team

We have a large team of transcriptionists with many years of experience and specializations. Most of our transcriptionists are based in Germany catering for different backgrounds like business, medicine, law and science. We also have teams based in the Netherlands, England, Spain and Portugal which gives us the possibility to offer many languages in the same high quality.

Get started now!

If you want to upload your recordings right away, please go to our upload page. Otherwise you can call us at +49 (0) 2232/9488977 or send us an email to info@transkripto.de. We are looking forward to your message or call.